Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Trump is Preparing for his Reichstag Moment

To understand Trumps muslim-ban, fight picking with the judges, and bizarre claims about a media plot to under-report terrorist attacks you simply have to look to the Reichstag fire for historical precedent. When the next IS attack hits home on American soil Trump will have already set up the judges who are resisting his attempts to override the constitution to take the blame, giving him the excuse he wants to declare a state of emergency, override the constitution, and take sweeping executive powers under the banner of 'keeping america safe'. The claims of media underreporting are not only an attempt to discredit another body of resistance but an attempt to keep the fear of muslim terrorism as prominent as possible in the population's mind while he waits for his Reichstag moment. Trump is calculates that the higher the level of fear of a terrorist attack carried by muslims is before it takes place, the higher the level of mass popular support his coup will receive when it does.
Trump may be crazy in a certain sense but he isn't stupid, everything he does is calculated.