Thursday, 5 February 2009

Bank Of America's corporate cover of U2's one.

Brilliant!!! A couple of Bank of America slimeballs cover U2's One. How fitting and so much better than the soulless piety and pseudo-authenticity of Bono et als turgid corporate rock original. Let us never forget Bono’s involvement with ‘Red’ that ugly apology for consumerist greed brought to you in conjunction with that well known paragon of virtue, altruism and social justice… American Express. Let us also not forget how the lead singer of this corporate money making machine berated the Irish government for not giving enough of it's budget to foreign aid while moving U2s own tax affairs from the already extremely low tax rates of Ireland to a tax shelter in Holland. It would be a kindness to describe this man as too thick to see the incongruity between these two positions but a more accurate word is would probably be hypocrite