Saturday, 5 January 2013

Why the Right-Wing demonise the poor and why Ed Balls is an idiot.

The Tories have no real intention of winning the ‘debate’ about the long term unemployed by means of reason, statistics or even anecdotes. They can’t because they have no sustainable argument whatsoever, but they don’t have too. The point is simply, with the craven support of the overwhelmingly right-wing media, to shift the agenda away from the failures of so-called ‘laissez-faire’ Capitalism (what a charming term) in general, and this Government's abject failure at revitalising the economy in particular, as much as possible. Therefore causing resentment, anger and energy to be (mis)directed away from them and those at the top of the socio-economic ladder and onto those at the very bottom. And here comes Mr Balls playing right into their hands ensuring this phoney ‘debate’ runs and runs…  If the Labour Party’s leadership continues to slavishly follow that of the Tories/Tory press it may as will give up. I really do despair.