The Queen Of Sorrow is the third release from my new deep house and garage project, Westside Angel, having previously released a series of nu disco tracks under my previous moniker, Westlake72.It is Inspired by my love of 90’s New York and New Jersey house music and the London UKG scene that followed, as well as my experience remixing Detroit legend Rick Wade for my Depth Charge: Westlake72 Remixes  e.p that was released on Swedish Brandy Productions.

Queen Of Sorrow features heavily swung and bumpin’ beats, an upfront bass, and jazz infused organ stabs that set off a classic vocal that is both melancholic and sultry. The second track on the release, The Girl With Child In Her Eyes, ploughs a similar musical path and features another classic vocal finessed with the sweet sound of some soulful sax. Both Tracks feel very much part of the new wave of garage house.