Friday, 16 November 2018

The Weekend E.P by the Junior Park Allstars

Junior Park Allstars is the new NuDisco project from Westlake72 inspired by the halcyon post-disco sounds of early 1980s NYC's warm summer days and even hotter nights...
Kicking of with When Ur X Wants U Back - a soulful female vocal plays out over a rolling post-disco DMX drum groove that evokes Cheryl Lynn's Jam & Lewis Produced boogie classic Encore. An arpeggiated, new wave style, bassline provides a nicely contrasting middle eight section. More DMX action follows on The Weekend - a Jellybean Benitez inspired Latin freestyle groove. Imagine a young Madonna Louise Ciccone, all faded 501s and jangling bracelets, dancing with wild abandon on a night out at the Funhouse in 1983 and you'll get the picture!
We switch to the classic 808 sounds of early electro and freestyle to round things of with I Can't Take The Heartache! Here a compelling bassline, insistent cowbells, Juno-60 stabs, and a furious female lead are juxtaposed with a deep and soulful chord progression.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Listening to Nu Disco while Driving in LA: Mixtape

Cool new disco sounds to listen to while taking a night drive through the city of Lost Angels.

1) Westlake72 - Driving in LA 
2) Joyce Muniz - Mushroom Disco
3) Étienne De Crécy - Audio Galaxy
4) Jason Rivas - Robots Are Welcome
5) Johannes Albert - Giovanni Frizzante
6) Westlake72 - Bubble Factory (unreleased)
7) Leonardus - Music Is My Way Of Life
8) Moon (DE) - Light of Virtue
9) Velferd - The City That Drowned
10) Lindstrøm - Tensions

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Rick Wade - Be There (Westlake72 Remix)

My remix of Detroit's Deep House legend Rick Wade's track 'Be There' is out now on 100% black vinyl along with Rick's original mix and 2 more brand new Wade deep house cuts. 

"London's Westlake72 contributes a stunning remix of “be there”, injecting a fierce disco groove and vibe." - Lars Berger @Swedish Brandy Productions

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Westlake Plays Records...

That thing where people upload video of themselves playing records in their home...

Westlake Plays Records Track List:

1) Jan Hammer - Don't You Know
2) Ethel Beatty - It's Your Love
3) Aromabar - Sweetness
4) Fink - Ever Since I was A Kid (Hefner Remix)
5) Ryoko Moriyama - Ameagari No Samba
6) Astrud Gilberto - Photograph
7) Jean-Luc Ponty - The Struggle Of The Turtle To the Sea (Part I)
8) The LA Express - The Shrug
9) Johnny Hammond - Shifting Gears
10) The Steve Miller Band - Wild Mountain Honey
11) Joni Mitchell - Black Crow
12) Steely Dan - Kid Chameleon
13) Idris Muhammad - By the Red Sea
14) Horace Silver ‎– Psychedelic Sally Psychedelic Sally