Wednesday, 29 August 2012

*Fake* Moon Landings

According to Conspiracy Theorists not only did NASA fake the Moon landings but they did so with such a level of complete incompetence (a breeze on the moon, no stars, no-crater etc. ad infinitum) that anyone with even a very basic understanding of photography, film making or science is able to see through the charade. But can Conspiracy Theorists explain why a organisation such as NASA, an organisation  with almost unlimited resources of both money, technical know how, and scientific research was unable to find anyone to work the project with even a very basic understanding of  A) Photography B) Film-making C) Science?

The Moon Landing where a massive propaganda cue for the US at the height of the cold war. Winning this particular space race was not only a huge boon to US prestige but a humiliation to the USSR which had previously been in the lead with Yuri Gagarin being the first man in space. The USSR itself would have have had enormous  resources in with which to expose such a 'hoax' and  there by cause the US the ultimate humiliation - but they didn't. Is this because as well, as the entire military, scientific, political, and media establishments of the US being in on the hoax, the Soviet Union were too? (If  the USSR were not in fact the US's bitter enemies but co-conspirators in this 'hoax' the entire history of the Cold War, form the Berlin Wall to the Cuban missile crises and beyond, would also be a giant hoax).

One of the ways to tell the difference between a genuine conspiracy and a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is the credibility of those ‘exposing it’. There has not been a single well known expert, established in the fields of either photography, film or science who claims the moon landings were a hoax. Nor here has not been a single well known political, historical or cultural commentator or academic from anywhere on the political spectrum who claims such a thing (including those who are highly critical or even hostile to US hegemony). Neither has there been a single article by any established investigate journalist who's very raison d'etre is to expose conspiracies. Therefore if the moon landings where a hoax, and the 'evidence' for this is apparently clear to anyone with a very basic understanding of photography, film making or science, the co-conspirators must include every well known radical or anti-establishment commentator who claims to challenge American hegemony. Are, for instance, Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone or Carl Bernstein all of either not intelligent enough to see that they've been duped, or really undercover stooges for the US intelligence services?

The time and energy wasted on such these bogus Conspiracy Theories could be put into challenging real conspiracies such as those we see at News International, or are seeing the beginnings of in the banking sector. These real life conspiracies evidence another of the ways it's easy to tell the difference between a genuine conspiracy and a ‘Conspiracy Theory’; real conspiracies tend be messy, with lots of the skullduggery going through on a nod and a wink but, as we have seen, exposure of real conspiracies takes time, expertise and bravery. 

Friday, 22 June 2012

The David Cameron & Jimmy Carr Show

By attacking Jimmy Carr, Cameron has extended the debate about tax avoiders beyond the broadsheet reading ‘chattering' classes to the tabloid reading masses in a way Uncut could never of dreamed of: A debate that is going to hurt nobody but him and his vile mates. From being the Conservative  Party’s prime asset Cameron is now exhibiting such a level of political incompetence that he is becoming a liability.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Murdoch/Tory Coalition

The cosy texts, late night calls and socialising between cabinet ministers and News International's inner sanctum, particularly evident in the familiarity of the language used, reveal that the ‘Coalition’ we are currently governed by is not a coalition between the Tories and their idiotic alibi - the LibDems, but between a party less than a third of country voted for and a, primarily American owned, multinational corporation that NO ONE voted for.

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